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CRM Integration with OCP e-Commerce Application

Problem, Issue, Challenge, Opportunity

A leading retailer for women’s apparel decided to add a customer relationship management system as a part of their online omni-channel e-commerce solution. The retailer was using an e-Commerce solution and customer relationship management tool from the same vendor but the two products weren’t integrated to provide a seamlessly working solution. This was preventing the retailer from utilizing the two applications together to achieve their goals

Client Response

They contacted the vendors for a potential solution to resolve the issue with the integration of the two products. The solution proposed by the vendor wasn’t fulfilling the client’s requirements for the client so they shopped around and chose our team based on quality, time, and cost. We helped by creating an integrated e-Commerce and customer relationship management tool to fit their needs.


Based on our experience with the e-commerce solution and the interface contracts, our team wrote a middleware component application which interacted with both applications to provide the required integration points in formats understood by the applications. The platform created fulfilled all the complex requirements for integration and provided integration for “loyalty points processing” within the CRM application.


The solution not only fulfilled all the complex integration requirements that our client’s business requirements demanded but it also bettered the expected performance criteria setup for the real-time integrations between the two systems. The client now has one system for their customer relationship management all the channels of business integrated in one place. The benefit for the end user (i.e. the customer) was being able to find all their information (e.g. personal orders and loyalty points) in one single place. It also benefitted the business by providing more effective service to the customers.

Our Takeaway

The team did a lot of brainstorming to come up a solution and technical design which made it possible to finish the implementation with a better quality, fully integrated platform that was designed and implemented within the required timelines.

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